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Let’s Talk About Daily Drilling Reports.

Posted July 23, 2015

  Holy Batman! As a Producer or EPC you are constantly tasked with providing daily drilling and other project reporting to let all constituents, including the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) folks, know what’s happening out in the field on each of your leases…right? You have to make sure the Authority…
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HUB ORM Benefit #2 – Single Entry Oilfield Accounting

Posted January 8, 2015

Simplify daily expense entry procedures for streamlined field reporting and invoice reconciliation. The key to good and accurate oilfield accounting is simple accounting. What could be simpler than going to one place to enter all your expenses, truck tickets and comments? One place to enter all the expenses for rentals,…
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HUB ORM – Benefit #1: Increase Productivity Using Historical Well Files.

Posted December 2, 2014

What you did in your last well, and the wells before that, contain the key to saving time in setting up your next well. A lot of work went into recording the: products and services you used vendors you engaged consultants you contracted, and who they reported to mud lists,…
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HUB ORM – Benefit #3: Spelling in the Field. Seriously!

Posted November 6, 2014

Who would have thought that the spelling of vendor company names and products/services could turn into an actual benefit of using Leadstone’s HUB ORM plug-in for Oilfield HUB.  Let me tell you why this is valuable for any company to consider! Referring to vendor names using the same spelling, means over…
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