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Did you know when you join Oilfield HUB you get access to a PULSE Interactive dedicated company page?

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PULSE Interactive - Plains ShadowEvery client on Oilfield HUB gets a reserved spot on the PULSE Interactive – Connect Marketing Channel, on the Oilfield PULSE website, through your own dedicated company page. Any of your articles, stories and advertorials, appearing in a monthly issue of the Oilfield PULSE magazine, or the PULSE Interactive Newsletter are automatically posted to your company page on PULSE Interactive. In fact, all of your digital content, including press releases, product case studies, infographics, presentations, and company white pagers can be syndicated online via your PULSE Interactive dedicated company page.

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HUB Benefit

Do some storytelling of your own on PULSE Interactive, to promote and amplify your message through unlimited and relevant evergreen digital content posts about your company, products, people, and events, as well as lifestyle stories on the local groups and causes you passionately support.

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Karen Keith
Product Manager
Oilfield HUB Inc.