At Leadstone Group we are building an online community powered by our product, Oilfield HUB. It is comprised of oil and gas business people, the companies they represent, and the products and services they provide. Our mission is to connect these individuals, the sellers in the industry, with energy companies and their personnel. Oilfield HUB guides these buyers and decision makers to our members, and their products and services, through comprehensive and fully optimized member microsites and comprehensive supply chain management tools. The HUB Search Engine is the powerful catalyst that enables anyone using Oilfield HUB to source new products and services, and to connect with our members’ contacts with laser-like precision. The accelerator behind Oilfield HUB is the Leadstone sales force, who are constantly working to extend the marketing reach of the Oilfield HUB community, which is all strengthened by the voice of the membership in our trade journal, Oilfield PULSE!

Benefits of Oilfield HUB:

  • Increase your corporate presence within the energy sector and gain greater insider access to your customers and potential clients
  • Promote all of your products and services, extend your marketing reach, and close more sales
  • Enhance client satisfaction and increase your visibility by easily managing your company information in real-time
  • Improve productivity and streamline communications associated with bids and orders, all in one place, from your customers in Oilfield HUB

When the oil patch is looking for services and supplies, and to connect directly with your people, Oilfield HUB is the place to be!