Find New Vendors – Source Projects Faster

Oilfield HUB makes sourcing vendors a far more efficient process. We are your fastest connection to businesses across Western Canada eager to provide the services and supplies you need, when you need them most.

Contact the people you need to speak with directly or send bids straight to Oilfield HUB and hear back from preferred vendors in a fraction of the time. Complement your qualified vendor list with access to a healthy supply chain of potential vendors always waiting in the wings.


Build Connections – Better Manage Relationships

Oilfield HUB is a complete solution for managing existing vendor relationships, building new connections, and communicating between well projects. Oilfield HUB empowers you to effectively manage the thousands of connections involved in the lifecycle of a single well.

Oilfield HUB has several key strategic advantages that streamline communication, simplify management and ultimately save you money and time:

  • Request vendor quotes through Oilfield HUB and receive responses far more quickly
  • Collaborate and share information between employees and vendors in a secure centralized environment
  • Eliminate redundant and repetitive data entry and benefit from real-time, ‘one truth’ sharing
  • Centralize contact information and vendor profiles
  • Quickly and easily replicate complex scheduling and procurement tasks
  • Organize, monitor and retain an archive of interactions for accountability and reusability
  • Implement security and privacy through self-administered controls
  • Foster quality relationships and promote new business by being visible and accessible

Oilfield HUB addresses your productivity challenges as a strategic component of your operations, all within a single user-friendly tool. We become your communications strategy ‘in a box’ and your access point to a variety of previously inaccessible or unknown resources.

Oilfield HUB, as well as being a searchable supplier directory, is a comprehensive vendor relationship management solution for energy companies. Call us to arrange a demo.

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