• Data entry eliminates the need for duplication – enter it once and you’re done
  • Changes made to the control file are immediately visible to all order participants



  • The command center facilitates centralized service order communication with vendors
  • Whether a project involves 30 or 300 service orders, Oilfield HUB provides real-time order management


Direct Connection with Services

  • We ensure all preferred vendors are ‘HUB-enabled’



  • Connect with the right people, streamline communication, and free up valuable resources
  • Invite users to participate in the order workflow process either as ‘editors’ or ‘viewers’
  • Tender a bid, source a product, authorize a transaction, address an issue or provide a comment, all with ease



  • Permission based rights and control is a feature of Oilfield HUB’s architecture



  • Send out requests to individual vendors sequentially or to a group of vendors at once
  • Notify unsuccessful bidders and award work with a single, secure action
  • Shorten turnaround time in sourcing and awarding new work


Increase Accountability

  • Reduce the risk of miscommunication about job specifications
  • Centralize all expectations and communications around a single electronic document
  • Get exactly what you asked for, when you need it


Software as a Service

  • Web-based product means no software to buy, install and manage
  • Subscription-based service with a monthly fee
  • Runs in a secure data environment, with regular backups