About Us


Go Big or Go Home!

At Leadstone Group, our business is to help you build your business and our services help you do that. We are at your side, working with you.

Why is that important? We help you grow your business which means you get to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Our Professional Services can assist you in taking your business to the next level!

We are a top-notch team with a proven work ethic that produces results. Leadstone Group will be on your side and working on your behalf from day one.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Application Design & Development
  • Lean Manufacturing Expertise
  • IT Managed Services Support
Meet Our


Kevin Turko

Kevin has 25 years of previous executive management experience in commercial and oil & gas banking, product development, sales/marketing and B2B application development.  Kevin has leveraged this expertise over the past 18 years as the majority owner and CEO of the Leadstone Group of companies.

Jim Wallace

Jim recently retired as Managing Director of Energy Origination for National Bank of Canada and has considerable experience in the commodity trading, FX, and risk management fields over his 40+ year banking and private sector career.

Jeff Samis

Jeff has been successfully working with technology-based businesses for over 15+ years for some of the biggest brands to smallest startups.  Working across a variety of industries taking lessons learned and successfully developing and executing strategies that have reduced sales cycles, increased revenues, decreased operating expenses, and built solid internal and external partnerships.

David Sandbrand

David has over two decades of experience in IT, ranging from Level 1 hardware support, to enterprise level architecture and strategic planning.  Born with the Geek gene, David gets unnaturally excited about using technology to solve business problems and facilitate growth.