The POWER of Marketing Automation

As Leadstone Group’s Marketing Automation Agency Partner of choice, we are excited to offer the powerful SharpSpring platform to all Suppliers who have been invited to participate in by filling out a Self-Managed Supplier Profile for their private HUB Supply Network.

SharpSpring was built to be the most comprehensive and affordable sales and marketing automation platform on the market. It takes the guesswork out of identifying which of your initiatives are generating leads, driving more sales and optimizing your marketing efforts with an all-in one solution.

Once implemented, it can provide results and actionable insights within a matter of days. It helps you target your customers with personalized communication based on their interests – so they receive the messages they actually want, not the messages you think they want.

SharpSpring gives you powerful, easy-to-use tools, so you can concentrate on what matters most – building the growth you deserve.

With SharpSpring, you can:

  • Track leads and engage them at critical points in the buyer’s journey

  • Nurture leads with hyper-personalized email and web content

  • Build powerful landing pages that transform visitors to leads

  • Connect to hundreds of third-party platforms or build new integrations

  • Turn social media interactions into conversations that generate sales

  • Collect real-time analytics to capture and prove end-to-end ROI

Behavior-Based Email

Complete information on a visitor’s activity on your website after they click through from an email. Know every page visit, form fill-out, webinar sign-up and white-paper download from the emails you send.

Campaign Tracking

Automate powerful email campaigns to convert leads to sales. Create behavior-based workflows to engage a contact at critical points in their unique buying process. Set up email marketing automation for common customer pathways, and respond to specific interests and actions by individual users.

Dynamic Landing Pages

Engage your visitors with content designed just for them… without the need for a developer. Now you can build a single landing page that will resonate with multiple audiences through the magic of dynamic content. Convert more leads with content that automatically caters messaging and imagery to every visitor.


Chatbots are an automated communication service. They allow users to search for answers about your content, and they provide a series of answers and means of collecting data. With this, chatbots can quickly and effectively navigate users to the solutions for their problems. Failing that, they can automate the process of contacting you for additional support.

SharpSpring Social

Get a comprehensive look at all of your planned content – social activity, scheduled emails, and blog posts – with SharpSpring’s Content Calendar. See what’s in the works and make changes on the fly with an interactive social media management application that provides daily, weekly, monthly, or list views. Prepare for seasonal campaigns and understand your content needs well in advance.

CRM & Sales Automation

Use SharpSprings marketing automation CRM or seamlessly integrate your preferred CRM provider with the SharpSpring marketing platform. Keep integrated data up to speed with instant two-way synchronization. Track opportunities from creation to close with a bird’s eye view of your pipeline. Create custom deal stages, fields, filters and more, to manage sales effortlessly with our marketing automation tools.

Dynamic Form Builder

Use SharpSpring’s dynamic form builder to capture information and create a seamless experience for website visitors. Build and customize user-friendly forms in seconds. Use CSS to customize forms with your branding, aesthetic and design standards.

Reporting and Analytics

Make key decisions with accurate and relevant data based on user behaviors and engagements. Choose the most important metrics for each campaign and message, then generate custom reports to review your performance. Understand end-to-end ROI and track both online and offline lead sources. Share key information with your team, clients and customers in a readable and accessible display.

Sales Dialer

Simplify outreach with integrated dialing, call recording, and auto-transcription. With the Sales Dialer, you can place, record, transcribe, and analyze outbound calls—all from within SharpSpring. You can optimize your outbound call performance with an integrated dialer that enables high-volume, quick outreach to increase conversions.